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Workshop for Indigenous Communities: Visioning Towards Sustainable Village

Diperbarui: 10 Feb 2020

Pemulih Nusantara (Muliantara) works closely with indigenous communities in Menarbu & Napan Yaur Village of Papua to increase their awareness on sustainability issues through the “Sustainable Village” project. As a part of this project, Muliantara conducted Visioning Workshop on November 20-21, 2018 (Menarbu Village) and November 21-22, 2018 (Napan Yaur Village). The purpose of this workshop is to (1) Explore and identify the potentials and challenges of the Village in building a “Sustainable Village”; (2) Building shared visions towards "Sustainable Village"; (3) Designing strategies and steps towards "Sustainable Village"; and (4) Determine the steps forward (Follow-up Plan).

Our workshop used the Appreciative Inquiry method which was divided into four sessions; namely exploring potential (Discovery), building a shared vision of the village (Dreams), designing the future (Design), and determining a follow-up plan (Destiny). Our activities was focused on designing a “Village Visions”, a shared visions among local communities in each village.

Local communities in Menarbu Village was able to develop their own visions, stated as "Menarbu Village that is safe, with a developed, independent & prosperous community, and helps preserve nature". In Nappan Yaur Village, the workshop was able to direct local communities to develop a vision that is "Napan Yaur becomes a Clean, Beautiful & Unique Model Village with a sustainable nature with Smart, Healthy & Prosperous people".

Developing visions may increase awareness of the local people on their village’s true potential, both natural resources and human resources. Establishing Village Vision will also induce local people’s sense of pride on their village, increasing their willingness to contribute on the efforts to achieve the vision. This condition will be an important capital to build shared ideals for village’s future. These ideals will then be internalized through the Village Mid-Term Development Plan (RPJMK), Work Plan (RKP Kampung), and their village-owned business institutions (BUMK).

In accordance with the Village Visions, the village may strengthen their RPJM and the Village RKP by detailing their vision into mission, strategies and programs. BUMK should be strengthened through the preparation of Strategic Plan and Business Plan, complemented by capacity building on financial management.

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