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Workshop on Village Strategic Planning Towards Sustainable Development

Diperbarui: 5 Apr 2020

Workshop on Village Strategic Planning was held in Napan Yaur Village, Teluk Umar District, Papua on August 15-16, 2019 and Menarbu Village, Roon District, West Papua on August 20-21, 2019. This workshop is a follow-up from earlier workshop about Village Visioning held in 2018. Through this workshop, Muliantara encourage local people to internalize Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their Village Strategic Plan. This Village Strategic Plan will be outlined into a document called Village Mid-Term Development Plan or Rencana Pembangunan Jangka Menengah tingkat Desa, also known as Village RPJM.

Muliantara facilitate local communities to develop mission and activities of their Strategic Plan. Nappan Yaur Village agreed to develop 8 Missions with 32 Activities, which will accommodate 16 of 17 SDGs. Meanwhile, Menarbu Village has develop 10 Missions with 38 Activities that includes all 17 SDGs. Our workshop also helps indigenous communities in Nappan Yaur Village to generate their own strategies to accomplish their missions, which are (1) HR capacity building, education and training; (2) Strong institution, structure, procedures, mechanism and financial management; (3) Sustainable natural resource development; (4) Market networks; (5) Adequate facilities and infrastructure; (6) Partnership and cooperation; (7) Utilization and optimization of village funds and other resources; (8) Consistency and implementation supervision; (9) Communication and coordination among stakeholders; (10) Promote Nappan Yaur to the outside world. Similar strategies were also developed by the locals in Menarbu Village.

This workshop is a part of our Sustainable Village project started in 2018. Local stakeholders were very grateful for this opportunity to increase their awareness on sustainability issues. "Thank you to Muliantara for giving such an inspiring guidance to our community, especially for the village government. Output of this workshop will become our base to develop further programs in the next 6 years. This way, our basic programs will be in line with Central Government program. The next head of our village will also have better conception of future programs and goals to be achieved. The community expressed their gratitude for receiving such important knowledge", said The Head of Menarbu Village.

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