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Indonesia Education Conference 2019: Education for All

Diperbarui: 9 Apr 2020

Konferensi Pendidikan Indonesia (KPI) or Indonesian Education Conference is a conference that bring together educator, education activist, and educational organisation across the nation. KPI 2019 was held in November 30 – December 1, 2019 at Ministry of Education and Culture Building A, Jakarta. KPI 2019 aims to align vision, unite the network organisation, innovate, collaborate, and integrate to drive change in Indonesia education ecosystem. This conference was initiated by Semua Murid Semua Guru (SMSG), an empowered public network engaged in education affairs.

Muliantara as a member of Komunitas/Organisasi Pendidikan (KOP) of Semua Murid Semua Guru (SMSG) network participated in “Education for All” cluster session. This session discuss about joint vision among active communities and organisations to drive changes toward education for all. The participants then established a strategic plan to achieve better implementation of education for all. Beside this cluster, there are also six other clusters which are (1) Family and Parents; (2) Teacher Development; (3) Youth Development; (4) Character Building; (5) Education Technology, and (6) Literacy.

Muliantara also attended the main panel session titled “Integration, Collaboration, and Innovation”. The panellists of this session are Najelaa Shiab (Initiator of SMSG), Sri Mulyani Indrawati (Minister of Finance RI), Nadiem Anwar Makarim (Minister of Education and Culture RI), Budi Setyarso (Chief Editor of Tempo Magazine), Salman Subakat (CEO Paragon), and Dian Sastrowardoyo (Creative Industry sector). Other than panel discussion and clusters, there are also a mini coaching session for all the KOP members to improve their community or organisation.

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