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Finding the Linkages: ESD, SDGs, and Sustainable Village

Diperbarui: 10 Feb 2020

Consolidation Meeting on Sustainable Village (SV) was held on 29 March - 2 April 2019 at the WWF Indonesia Regional Kalimantan Office, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. Eleven participants from various NGOs and CBOs attended this meeting, including Alyandra Gusman and Fayi Raihan from Muliantara. The agenda of this meeting are to (1) discuss the linkages between Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and Sustainable Village (SV); (2) determine Sustainable Village Criteria and Indicators; (3) develop strategies and approaches to build Sustainable Village; and (4) measure and monitor the implementation of Sustainable Village. The meeting also followed by a Field Visit to the Wein River Protection Forest and Bengkirai Bukut Forest.

This meeting was able to facilitate fruitful discussions among NGOs and CBOs, especially related to Sustainable Village concept. Based on the discussion, the concept of Sustainable Village is strongly related with ESD and SDGs. Muliantara highlighted the importance of ESD as a process to include SDGs into local activities and policies in village level. This process can be done by first increasing understanding of the concept of Sustainable Development, where economic, ecological and social perspective are balanced. This is an important step to achieve global joint mission of applying SDGs at the village level by 2030.

Mainstreaming SDGs into local activities and policies needs to be done by implementing strategies with criteria as follows: (1) Easily accepted by local people and able to empower their community (Acceptable); (2) Accountable; (3) Provides economic benefits (Profitable); (4) Sustainable; (5) Easily replicated elsewhere, and (6) Supported by resource raising. Muliantara is determined to apply these criteria on our Sustainable Village project in Nappan Yaur Village and Menarbu Village of Papua.

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